"The case doesn’t exists. It’s just the name given to an unknown law." - Sixth Principle of Thoth

Hermes Thot, one of the most important Egyptian gods, besides being the patron of magic and medicine , is the almighty nume of all sciences, the god of the initiates, of those who , according to the Alchemy, the ancien t human science, turns the contaminated metal into the noble gold. Here comes Thot, which appears like the real and first patron of those who become capable to transform, thanks to an accurate discipline of humble patience and will, the shapeless, raw and plain material into a clear, refined and precious one. And, as the alchemist can transform this raw substance in his oven, the athanor, by burning the impurities of the metal, until it becomes clear and smooth, it’s to Thot that we owe the lighting of the spark of this fire. And this fire is kept alive, and everlasting burning. Metaphorically, Thot feeds both the external flame, and the fire that pushes the man to follow the call of his own ancient, immanent interior spark, the voice of this own Soul. And the fire of such flame, in the practical craft carried out in Italy by skilled goldsmiths, results, in every single item, in a low - melting fusion method used for the production of jewels of the highest quality. This allows a more accurate , more refined de sign and texture and offers, at the same time, heavier pieces, compact and of three - dimensional forge. And it’s the Energy deriving from this fusion of internal and external, idea and object, substance and spirit, that we are trying to give to each piece o f our creation, in the name of Thot.